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Fleming Meadows & Westbury Estates Civic Association - Located in South Huntsville

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Patrol Group

Please read through the following and if you are interested in supporting the Neighborhood Watch please email the or go to the Contact NW page and sign up there.


The How to "Patrol" Facts


o   Patrol Requirements: Basically a resident’s Patrol day is only one day during every volunteer patrol pool rotation sequence (~ 39 days). This patrol day consists of driving, walking, and/or biking every street in the neighborhood on the member’s assigned day. Preferably, this patrol should be done some in the AM and some in the PM, but can consist of one patrol in either the AM or PM. The patrol can be done as many times as the Patrol Volunteer desires on his/her day. It is only required that a complete day’s set of patrol(s) cover all the streets in the FWCA area at least once.


o   Vehicle Signs: Some Patrol members have their own signs. This is noted on the Patrol roster schedule. They do not use the Common Patrol Sign Bag/Kit. 


If you use the Common Patrol Sign Bag/kit then please carry it to the next person that does not have their own signs. If it happens that you do not get the Patrol sign Bag/Kit then call the person before you on the schedule that uses them and check on it. Accidents happen and sometimes there are disconnects. If you cannot get the Patrol Sign Bag/Kit then you can Patrol without it.


o   Emergencies: Should you see something that qualifies as an emergency call 911.  If you see something that needs Police attention call the HPD at 256-722-7100.


o   Reporting: If you report something to the Police, please document the incident by sending an email to . If there appears to be a pattern we will contact the CRO or the main HPD.  A record copy of incident reports will be maintained by FWCA.


o   No weapons or alcohol allowed on Patrols.


o   DO NOT confront anyone or attempt to stop a crime in progress. Call  911 or 256-722-7100.


o   Always remove signs after patrolling and protect them. HPD stated they could be stolen and used to gain access to other neighborhoods.